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14 August 2011 @ 01:29 pm
so, in an effort to actually see things on tumblr, i made myself a tumblr that i shall follow all of you with (and maybe post things)

So, you should leave your URLs in the comments and stuff.

And I'm letthoseapplesfall
I'm just sitting here crying. So here's to Jo and Harry and Hogwarts, and every moment I've had. I feel kind of like an idiot for just sobbing while I write, but I can't help it. Harry Potter changed my life. So here's to the boy who lived and the only place that has ever really felt like home, even if I can never "really" be there.
Title: The Five Times Jo and Camille Had Moments, and the Time They Had Forever
Author: madwomanpoems
Fandom: Big Time Rush
Pairings: Jo/Camille, minor hints of other pairings
Rating: R
Warnings: Um. Let’s see. Domestic abuse, cannibalism, false psychics, character death, cursing, grief, lost moments, gun violence, sexual situations, unethical practices of medicine, gore, cross dressing, prostitution, and mild nudity.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. I don’t own Big Time Rush, Psych, I Know You Know (Psych Theme Song), What’s the Use of Wond’rin, the Amanda Palmer video of the aforementioned song, Keep Breathing, any generic hospital shows (most likely Grey’s Anatomy), Pirates of the Caribbean, From My Own True Love (Lost at Sea), any generic western movies, Bruised Orange (Chain of Sorrow), or Forever. Everything belongs to their respective creators, and I have just played with it.
Summary: Five Jo/Camille AU vignettes of fleeting moments and one post-BTR fic where there is something better.
Author’s note: I am sorry about this. Just. Uh. This is really dark and sort of crack-y and really fluffy and I am a little bit of an insane person.

James swore he did not contemplate removing her tiny little bottom lip from her tiny little face.Collapse )
07 July 2011 @ 08:39 pm
Title: The Hardest Hue to Hold
Author: madwomanpoems
Fandom: Big Time Rush
Pairings: James/Carlos
Rating: G, PG, whatever
Warnings: feelings, fluff, marshmallows
Disclaimer: I don’t own Big Time Rush or the Robert Frost Poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” from which I took the title.
Summary: James and Carlos go camping.
Author’s note: This is for jesterdala’s birthday. Also, this is a late present. For which I am sorry. But as I say, better late than never and this author’s note is kind of making it later, so, onward ho!

Uh, Carlos, are you sure that this is a good idea?Collapse )