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18 October 2011 @ 06:11 pm
Fic -- Hero of This Story (Don't Need to Be Saved) [music post]  
This is a fanmix made to accompany my big bang "Hero of This Story (Don't Need to Be Saved)

Regina Spektor -- Hero
I'm the hero of the story,
Don't need to be saved,
I'm the hero of the story,
Don't need to be saved,
It's all right, it's all right,
it's all right, it's all right

Eisley -- Smarter
If I sound angry, I'm sorry,
This body can only cry for so long,
And if you want to blame me, then go on ,
I'm smiling now 'cause I'm smarter than you think

The Smiths -- Never Had No One Ever
I had a really bad dream, It lasted 20 years,
7 months, and 27 days, I never, I'm alone,
and I, Never, ever oh ... had no one ever

City and Colour -- The Girl
I wish I could do better by you,
'cause that's what you deserve,
You sacrifice so much of your life in order for this to work.

Stars -- Soft Revolution
We are here to save your life,
The fool, the drunk, the child and his wife,
We won't let the sun go down,
We're gonna chase the demons out of town

Bon Iver -- The Wolves (Acts I and II)
Someday my pain, someday my pain,
Will mark you, Harness your blame,
harness your blame, And walk through

Those Dancing Days -- Spaceherosuits
I don't know if that will do,
I think you have to try some more,
keep on lifting so the floor can't hit us

Aimme Mann -- High on Sunday 51
We have crossed the rubicon,
The ship awash our rudder gone,
The rats have fled but I'm hanging on,
Let me try, baby, try,
Baby please let me begin,
Let me be your heroine,
Hate the sinner but love the sin,
Let me be your heroine.

Guster -- Satellite
You're my satellite,
You're riding with me tonight,
Passenger side,
lighting the sky,
Always the first star that I find,
You're my satellite

link to zip file here