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05 March 2022 @ 10:47 am
Fanfiction Master List. ♥♥♥  
This is all of my fic kept in an organized and timely fashion. If you're looking for something I've written, there should be a link here. Organized by fandom and pairing. I promise nothing about the quality. Haha.

- Dirty Talk (Jack/David, modern day, fluff)
- An Old Leather Jacket (Jack/David, modern day, fluff)
- When It Rains (Jack/David, 1899, fluff/ust, written for The Refuge Secret Slash)
- It's Natural (Jack/David, modern day, fluff)
- Jack writing Exercise 1/11/11 (Jack, writing exercise)

Big Time Rush
- Of Blow Horns and Girl's Pajamas: A Love Story (Logan/Kendall, fluff)
- Jo/Camille Writing Exercise 6/9/10 (Jo/Camille, writing exercise)
- A Competitive Nature (Jo/Camille, fluff)
- Trying to Keep My Heart In Tact(Jo/Camille, fluff)
- Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (Jo/Camille, angst/UST, written for sleighttrick for Secret Santa)
- James/Carlos Writing Exercise 6/12/10 (James/Carlos, writing exercise. um. really awful)
- I Know You Know (We Could Be Something) (James/Carlos, fluff/UST, written for technicallysane)
- Saints and Sinners Reconciled (Stephanie/Mercedes, fluff, written for folkloric_feel for Secret Santa)
- Over The River and Through the Woods (Genfic, written for nikki_cee for Secret Santa)
- All I Want For Christmas (multiple pairings, dream AU, written for jannika for Secret Santa)
- Not Even for Red Lights - Prologue (multiple pairings, chapter fic, AU)

Big Time Rush RPS
- Here to Save the World (Katelyn/Erin, AU, fluff, impromptu writing)

- It's Been Like This Since I Don't Know When (Puck/Santana friendship, Santana/Brittney, superfluff! written for pinkpanther20)