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23 January 2014 @ 12:26 pm
A Fannish To-Do list  
You guys know I love to-do lists, right? Like, I wrote a paper about how much I love them. So, this is my list of fannish things to do. It'll grow and shrink and get things chopped off. So, if you feel a need to pester me about things, this would be the place to do it. Because God knows I've told people I'd do things that I've forgotten about. ♥

If it's crossed off, it's complete. If it isn't happening... I'll make a note.

Fic things:
- Meg's birthday fic! (Glee)
- OT4!girls *coughKatybethcough* (BTR)
- Jo/Logan crossdressing story (BTR)
- Not Even For Red Lights (BTR)
- Jarlos!PeterPan (BTR)
- Jo/Camille cosplay porn (BTR)
- relatively happy Sprace story! (Newsies)
- Ten drabbles for pairing I don't usually write (mixed)
- The story of Boy Quake and the Moose (BTR CRACK!)
- Race/Dr. Horrible Crack fic with Doogie jokes. (Newsies/Dr.Horrible'sSingAlongBlog/DoogieHowserMd CRACK!)
- OT4!hottub sentencefic/drabble/whatever [request] (BTR)
- Stephanie/Mercedes [request] (BTR)
- Protective!Vinnie fic. (Doogie)
- Doogie/Vinnie Curtain fic (Doogie)

Meta things:
- James' family meta (BTR)
- reasons why Javid is beautiful but not real logical! (Newsies)

Mix things:
- Jo mix, upload and format (BTR)

Comm things:
- Make a comm and promote BTR!Fairy tales (BTR)
- The society for the promotion of Doogie Howser M.D. as a fandom. (Doogie)

Generic Journal things:
- Icons. Fix them, okay?
- Make a fic master post. It WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER.